Other Ming Tombs
Wicked Concubine

Only people with direct connections to the royal family could aspire to a burial site at or near the royal mausoleum.

This would typically include empresses, concubines, princes, princesses and other direct family members of the emperor.

It could also be people who had served the emperor loyally. Particularly brothers in arms stood a good chance, but also eunuchs and ministers found their way into the royal cemetery or roaylly endorsed grave sites.

Simple tombstone

Most ordinary folks could only afford a simple burial and a small tomb stone. Farmers even to this very day often reserve a small plot of land in their field as a mausoleum for the family members, like the one on the right.

This section covers a few distinguished- or outright forgotten ones: a general, a nephew, concubines, a crown prince, eunuchs, a Ming king and more